This page is designed to keep you up-to-date with images from our Community Based Coral Farming Projects in Fiji. These Projects are an evolving process that help the local island communities to define a place for them in the local economy, as well as, helping the Aquaculture Industry move away from removing animals from the world's existing ocean reef systems. Just click on an icon image to see the full size version.

Here's Cameron, our go-to-guy for livestock management, holding class at one of our Village Based Coral Farms. Local villagers learning the new trade of Aquaculture.
This is our latest Village Based Coral Farm session on a new island near our Acropora fields. Here is the village chief himself looking on as we do the workshop. During our recent trip to our Northern station, we had a chance to showcase our Village Based Coral Farm Project. The Prime Minister himself showed great interest in the the project in bringing employment and opportunity to the local villages.
Walt Smith inspecting the corals prior to being placed in their ocean environment. Flats of Acroporas ready to plant in the ocean.