On this page you will see the commitment our company has made to the community based coral farming projects in Fiji.
    Since I began coral farming as a pioneer back in 1998 it has been my dream to expand this program to many villages throughout Fiji. This has been a difficult task since the only funding available was generated by our sales to the aquarium industry and the industry is only so big. With several other countries competing for the same market the challenge was to come up with different species and better stock than the competition had to offer.
    We soon realized that without a guaranteed income to the villages the project would fall flat on its face as the villagers in the outlying islands were in bad need of a stable income to feed their families and provide a daily substance for education and welfare. We also realized that without this income they would soon revert to other means of support which was not always good news for the coral reef and the environment.
    So far we have been able to offer the support needed but as the program grows into other communities we will be exploring other means to keep this a viable and worthwhile endeavor. Please refer to our ADE project on this site to better understand our future goals with Coral Farming in Fiji for its people and the environment.

Thank you,
Walt Smith