Nothing allows reef design freedom like shelf rock. We all like to have a large open area where fish can swim and corals or animals that require
a low-light environment can flourish.
    With REEFROCK 's SHELFROCK you can get this idyllic piece
without the pricing or limited selections that have always interfered with
you creating your ultimate final look. Whether you place it on
CAVEROCK or base rock that you already own.
    Stack several pieces of SHELFROCK over CAVEROCK to created a
multi-tiered "Reef Hotel" in your tank. And remember, all our
REEFROCK pieces can be broken into smaller units without losing the
color that is one of REEFROCK 's special benefits.
    As with all of our REEFROCK products, the rock's colors will vary
from our Coral Pink to our Deep Purple. And since all pieces are cured in
the oceans around the Islands of Fiji, they develop their own coralline
algae, as well as, other normal growths.