Some Facts to Consider!
Fact: “The Fiji live rock national quota is getting smaller and smaller every year. In the next few years there will simply not be enough available live rock to satisfy a steadily growing market”…… Walt Smith

    So what have we at WSI been doing about this?
    Since 1998 we have been working on developing the most realistic looking live rock that is 100% man made. I do admit that in the beginning our technique was not quite perfect and the general appearance of the “donut” was not readily acceptable to most people looking for the realistic live rock alternative.
    Still we continued with our efforts to produce an alternative rock that would match in appearance and biological properties that you have been used to from the wild harvested rock. So, take a look at us now!
    Our commitment to the highest standard of quality and appearance finally paid off a few years ago when we discovered a new technique in the manufacturing process.
    The result is a better looking alternative rock than its predecessor from the wild with 100% full color both inside and out that also contains the living organisms you expect from natural live rock. There is NOTHING like this rock on the market today.
    While other forms of artificial live rock show visible signs of damage from shipping and handling with exposed white chips all over the rock our live rock has solid color throughout. Even if you break it in half it is still the same color!
    Our alternative live rock is naturally grown on the reef (where it should be) for a period of one year before it reaches your tank as opposed to a few weeks in a tank to just make it wet and heavy.
    Our alternative live rock is much lighter (30% lighter) by volume than the other products giving you much more rock for your money when you pay by the pound.
    We would also like to mention the environmentally friendly aspect of this product …… isn’t it time you finally considered offering this beautiful alternative to your customers before your competition beats you to it?
    Soon this may be your only choice and the supply will depend on your commitment now.

Let’s do something good together!
Walt Smith