Having great looking Live Rock in your reef system is great...but what do you
put them on? Often you're stuck with base rock or anything that's lying around.
Wouldn't it be great to have something just as beautiful as the rest of your reef
Now it is!
    Not only can CAVEROCK be used as a base for  the HONEYCOMB,
SHELFROCK or LACEROCK but the caves integrated into the design are great
homes for your reef animals. Inverts like cleaner shrimp and anemones that move,
or smaller fish that also need hide-outs can use the caves for their home base.
    The cave areas can also be incorporated into your design by anchoring corals
into the depressions for a permanent look. Where the caves open through to the
back, they also help circulation in the water column.
    As with all of our REEFROCK products, the rock's colors will vary from our
Coral Pink to our Deep Purple. And since all pieces are cured in the oceans
around the Islands of Fiji, they develop their own coralline algae, as well as,
other normal growths.