The most difficult style of Live Rock to find on a regular basis, or
in quantity, is the branch style. With REEFROCK's new
BRANCHROCK you can get this style without having to search.
Our BRANCHROCK is an Aquacultured item and therefore is
available all year long.
    Everyone who has, or wants to have, a reef system, needs live
rock that look like the real thing. BRANCHROCK solves that
problem since it comes to you in color, cured and ready to use. No longer
do you have to wait for months or years to develop the look you want. Check
back to see our new BRANCHROCK designs as they become available.
    As with all of our REEFROCK products, the rock's colors will vary from
our Coral Pink to our Deep Purple. And since all pieces are cured in the
oceans around the Islands of Fiji, they develop their own coralline algae, as
well as, other normal growths.