For the past several years I have had a dream to create the largest reef rehabilitation and study project the world has ever seen.
    However, the biggest hurdle I had to encounter was how I could possibly fund this dream. Although our industry is interested in buying some cultured coral the scope of my dream project goes far beyond what the industry can absorb so the funding would have to come from outside sources.
    The documents and statements found in this section will give you some of the details of my dream project and how it unfolded and developed into a learning process that enabled me to fully comprehend many factors of getting this project off the ground.
    The more questions I was asked the more research I was forced to pursue to give accurate and comprehensive answers …. A rewarding and educational experience for sure!
    During the process I established and registered a new non-profit organization called “Aquaculture Development for the Environment” (ADE) and the mission statement is included in this section as well as my dialog between potential funding institutions.
    It is amazing to think that an industry such as ours, that receives so much criticism from the outside, can spawn a program that enables such awareness and education. The knowledge we have gained in our determination to learn more throughout the years has proved to be the stepping stone for our future generations understanding of our reef environment. We should all be proud of this work and the accomplishments we were able to achieve thus far.
    I hope you enjoy the read as I allow you to peek into what I like to call my Dream Project.
Walt Smith
Some good questions……
    Seeking the right funding organization for a worthwhile dream project can be hard work … but interesting.
    After the creation of our new NGO (ADE) was formed we were contacted by a prominent funding organization that was interested in investing in coral reef projects that had the potential to increase oceanic bio mass.
    After several meetings took place I was sent a list of questions that needed answers and would help them better understand my goals and agenda. I did not hesitate to fully explain some of the terms they seemed to be most concerned about but obviously had little real life experience with.
    The questions were interesting and thought provoking and I think you might find the facts interesting of how things work in a third world country surrounded by a coral reef.
My hope is that you will find the following dialog informative.
THREAT TO CORAL (pdf format)
PALAU FISHING BAN (pdf format)
STUDY OF MPAs (pdf format)